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Yea it will, if doomseeker fails to find the wad(s) on the usual Wad uploading sites like and (means can't find the wad(s) on those sites), It'll ask for players to visit the url that the Host has specified (if he did) to get the required wad(s) .
EDIT: Turns out that this tab (Misc) isn't accessible for SRB2 in Server creation Window for some reason, although it works for other engins :( .
SRB2's server query protocol doesn't send any website URLs. It's not possible to get this information from servers so I also disabled the option to set it. I don't think that SRB2 has any command line parameter or console command that would allow to specify website URL.

As I stated before, you need to pester SRB2 devs to add such functionality to the protocol.
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