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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
Because Zelda is a perfect franchise even a decent game is considered as bad (even if it's not the case objectively).
I beg to differ, but you're banned now, so it's not like I can discuss further :^( (that's likely for the better)

Originally Posted by ClassicNC View Post
galaxy 1's 100% completion is playing the game twice. it's not any better, really.
I personally wouldn't consider Super Luigi Galaxy to be part of 100%, but I would consider it a better postgame since Luigi, at the very least, controls differently than Mario and can bring a slightly different gameplay experience.

The Green Stars, on the other hand, is just padding for no real reason. I'd consider them worse bc. as opposed to playing every galaxy twice, you'd have play every galaxy upwards of 3 more times to get these things. They aren't even well hidden and the galaxies don't change to necessitate their inclusion. Their hiding places mostly amount to: High place, Low place, Unusual Place, and said placement rarely gets any more interesting than that. If the Grandmaster Galaxy unlocked at 120 stars instead of 240, then the postgame would be a stupidly huge improvement over Galaxy 1, but alas, they exist ;v;.
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