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Putting Ziplash (a 2D spinoff) in the same bunch as sonic '06 is very unfair and unbalanced.
The thing is the director said that Ziplash is 'the last chance for chibi robo', which sort of makes it sound like it had alot going for it. Sonic '06 was also sort of marketed as some sort of 'last chance' or 'reboot' of some kind. Just because one game is a spinoff and one is mainline doesn't really matter. They're both still games. Shitty games, of course. They both ruined their respective franchise's reputation, and they're both infamous for being bad, and will always be torn apart by the internet until the end of time.

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which is literally better than Galaxy 1 in almost every way except its postgame. Anyone who tried to 100% Galaxy 2 would know why :^)
galaxy 1's 100% completion is playing the game twice. it's not any better, really.
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