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Whoa, lots of terrible opinions in this thread.

On topic: Nintendo sees itself as a toy company. Collectors not only enable such behaviors in toy companies, they downright encourage them. That's life.
Yes, because video games are basically electronic toys in a way, it has always been an entertainment before anything else.

The same thing applies with Sonic 2006, Chibi Robo Ziplash, Paper Mario Sticker Star, ect. Bad games in video game franchises are like thorns. It sticks out from the crowd, and people can't get enough of telling you not to touch them.
Putting Ziplash (a 2D spinoff) in the same bunch as sonic '06 is very unfair and unbalanced.

We love the cheesiness of the CDI games for a reason too. Sonic 2006 is a game we should also laugh at instead of trying to salvage it.

The reason I mentioned Skyward Sword in particular is because while it wasn't horrific, it was a very flawed game that underwhelmed its fanbase and sold poorly. (Not helping the matter was its infamous e3 presentation and the fact that it had to go up against Skyrim)
Because Zelda is a perfect franchise even a decent game is considered as bad (even if it's not the case objectively).

PS: Skyrim is overrated and honestly has aged badly in many ways, only mods are what makes it still playable today.
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