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The same thing applies with Sonic 2006, Chibi Robo Ziplash, Paper Mario Sticker Star, ect. Bad games in video game franchises are like thorns. It sticks out from the crowd, and people can't get enough of telling you not to touch them.
^ Indeed. The reason I mentioned Skyward Sword in particular is because while it wasn't horrific, it was a very flawed game that underwhelmed its fanbase and sold poorly. (Not helping the matter was its infamous e3 presentation and the fact that it had to go up against Skyrim)

We're getting off topic tho, so uhhhhhhhhh I've been replaying the games recently and going for 100%.
Opinions inbound.

Spoiler: Maro six four
64 may have been a masterpiece back then, but time has not been kind to it since then.
The controls aged a little bit, when you're constantly on the move, they are legitimately great, with a base control scheme that was so good that it has only seen minor refinements since then; When precision is involved tho, it gets real messy and slippery. Lining up for precise jumps becomes harder to do as Mario would rather circle around to face the desired direction instead of ACTUALLY facing it instantly.

The camera is the most aged thing about this game, even when fully taking advantage of both the lakitu and mario cam, I still struggled to get the right angle that would allow me to see what I'm doing.

Lakitu-cam moves in unhelpfully large increments and likes to get stuck on things sometimes.

Mario-cam, when zoomed out, is a little better, except it's less controllable and slow to move.

The stars are 85% fun and worthwhile to collect and the freedom in choosing which star to collect is a really good choice.

The 15% are 100* coin stars and are one of the most tedious and annoying things out there. On the one hand, I like how they encourage memorization and keeping tabs on certain parts of the stage, on the other hand, they are sloppily designed. Complete with the bold choice of having the star spawn right on top of you; If you were in a really bad spot when collecting that last coin, then it either got 5x harder to collect or downright impossible since it can spawn oob in certain sections :^).

Spoiler: Maro glaaxy
Galaxy is a downright incredible and unique platformer with really good level design, gimmicks, and missions. I didn't even hate the gimmicky ball level or bubble level, maybe I have an extreme tolerance for motion controls, idunno :v.

It's cinematic cutscenes and Rosalina's backstory were particular highlights, the latter stiLL FUCKS ME UP TO THIS DAY ;_;.

It's a bit on the easy side tho, even by the standards of a Mario game.
The trial galaxies are a bit underwhelming, and the Purple Coin missions are a mixed bag.

Still quite a shame that Nintendo European R&D didn't have enough time to port over Galaxy 2, which is literally better than Galaxy 1 in almost every way except its postgame. Anyone who tried to 100% Galaxy 2 would know why :^).

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