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vague spoilers

It was alright. I think the story setup was generic, disliked the 'creation' at the start because it was a rather flat joke I've definitely seen in joke games before, and I disliked Ralsei a lot because they were unbearably nice at all times.

actual gameplay was nice, felt like more of undertale but i guess i expected more development out of the combat system where it was mostly the same as before since it never really evolves. i got hopeful when susie was actively attempting to kill enemies without your command but that didn't evolve either and was short lasting. Music was good, hard to compare to Undertale though.

ending was unbearably edgy, didn't like it

I enjoyed the actual interactions even though they don't compare to the last game. If he is taking feedback it's a very strong start though and has time to change/improve things. My big concern is combat not evolving at all if this is going to be a longer title, the actual bullet hell parts are good (especially the secret boss) but when it comes to typical encounters with simpler enemies it gets stale fast. I definitely want to find out what happens next.
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