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So, Toby Fox just released a spiritual successor to Undertale over the weekend, and it can be found here. Figured I wasn't the only one here who tried it, so I figured I'd open up a thread and see what everyone else thought. Of course, spoiler tags where appropriate.

My thoughts: It's a little short (I easily beat this in five hours), but it's a good weekend spent. Undertale's combat system had a lot of potential due to its SHMUP-esque dodge system, Mario-style action commands, and the novel context-specific ACT function, so I'm really glad that this was expanded on; the multiple party members and TP meter add a lot of much-needed depth to a system that clearly had lots of potential. The game is still pretty easy at its core, but part of that may have to do with the fact that I've already been warmed up to Undertale's style of gameplay.

I've only yet done a pacifist run, and apparently there's a secret boss that I'm missing, so I'm curious to see what other playstyles the game has to offer. It doesn't look like perma-save gimmicks play as big of a role here as it did in Undertale (the game intro certainly seems to alude to that), but maybe I'm just not digging deep enough.

I understand the creator wants to add more chapters to the game; hopefully that comes sooner than later, but I know these things take a while to develop, so I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

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