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Review & Score for aquatic labyrinth changed

Here is my review for the Single Player division. I'll rate the Multiplayer division once I host/join a netgame and play the levels enough..

Adventure Island: 1/10
Why use adventure mode? Really. Also adventure mode in tight spaces can get the camera stuck. Also, I tried this in software, and it's just fine.

Blown Fuse zone: 9/10
This is the best 2D level I have played. You have have actually made a not decent, but fantastic level in 2D. I just don't like the outside part, but that was all.

Hydro Plant Zone: 3/10
This is an improvement over your other levels.....kind of.. You had a lot of things wrong, and I got stuck way too often.

End of the Year Nights: 5/10
I didn't like or dislike this stage. It lacked in scenery, and I was confused on how to get to some places, and there was also some rings I couldn't get. And when I ran out of time, I fell. And there is no way back up. I also don't know why you have a pack of bumpers bunched in a spot that isn't part of the track.

Sunset Strand Zone: 3/10
This map has a lot of good things in it, but it was just way too short. It was over way sooner then I thought.

Aquatic Labyrinth zone: 8/10
I played this a few more times and it way waaay easier. Well, I like all the alternate routes, the custom music, and the level is just plain fun. Still, it would have been nice to have a few more air bubbles here and there..

Death Egg Zone: 7/10
The custom textures are nice, and so is the music, but the level is just TOO DAMN HARD. It's also kind of annoying to have it over a giant bottomless pit.

Forest Forever zone act 2: 7/10
Fantastic scenery. The sky, the textures, the lighting, the everything. My only complaint is that there is no actual platforming or anything like that.

Green Hill Zone: 4/10
Well, this level is just too linear. You had some alternate routes, but they were all tiny, linear paths. It was hard to keep moving without occasionally slipping off into a death pit.

Elven peaks: 6/10
This level wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I was occasionally confused where I was supposed to go, but I figured it out. The music is also soothing....

Greenery Pass zone: 4/10
This level was plain and short. I just ran for a bit, and the level was over. Still, it looked pretty.

Sand Valley: 6/10
The beginning is not very interesting, no scenery, and I just run for a bit. Now what I liked what was I get into the Big, open space. The idea of using the level itself as scenery was pretty cool, and it worked well. I wish that with the some of the platforming, failing wouldn't give make you fall into a pit and die, especially since the Jetty-syn knocks you off a lot. Also some of the enemy placement is bad, like the said Jetty-syn, and a crawla commander near a checkpoint. Immediately after respawning at the check point the crawla commander killed me. And I got off track when I got to the spring part. I'd say half this level isn't bad, half of it is somewhat good.
lol longest review.

Multiplayer Map reviews

Tainted Rainbow Zone: 6/10
The textures and music didn't exactly match together, but I'm not bringing down the score for that. The slime lake was a really bad idea. It brings down your score (did any other people notice this?) and you can't even jump out. It's really annoying when you get shot into the pool. I also don't like how the other water blocks all drain your rings. And you had a lot of rail rings in there, and there were easy to get.

Spring Peak Zone: 7/10
The design and texture choices were awesome. I liked a lot of things about this map, but one thing hurt it a lot... the death pit. Once you fall in (which you do a lot) you either die, or you fall in a small safe spot. And when you fall in those little safe spots, there is no way out with Sonic. You have to switch to tails or knuckles to get out, which I don't think should have to be done. The lake could have been a normal one instead of a death pit or those small safe spots could have at least have had springs on them. But I still enjoyed the map overall.

Elemental Arena: 7/10
When you have for then two or three players in a map, teleporting hurts it. A lot. Any player can just teleport somewhere and be shot without a chance of dodging. Also, the map is just too big, and I think it could have done without the sky part. Other then those two problems this is a fine map.

Water Plant zone: 9/10
Excellent level. I just loved the design, and that was all. You have a weapon rings that are a little close together, but that's all.

Autumn Breeze zone: 6/10
Pretty average. The telporting to the base thing was pretty nifty, the texture choices were pretty cool. I never though ground textures could be used for trees and still look normal. I just wish there were more rings in the bases, because people sticked around there a lot.

Desert Ruins zone: 4/10
This was bad, really bad. There were no alternate routes to the other base that weren't impossible to get through, and the only route is pretty small. It was also hard to find out were the base is, at first.


Furry Fox's Volcano Zone: 3/10
First of all, it's not a good a idea to force the player to use Tails. He's really, really, slow. And because of that it felt to me like the race just dragged on and on. The level is just very ugly. Almost no scenery, just big empty space. I expected more from you.

Assembly Line zone: 6/10
This was an OK map. It was actually good, how you needed to time your thoks or you would fall in slime or hit a wall. But that's just it. It's just average.
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