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Default Rapidgame7's showcasing thread

I thought it would be cool to have a thread in the which I dump some of the things I make to show to the Message Board community!
Since I'm used to sharing things on Discord, I've got more video clips than I have screenshots/gifs, heh.

To start off, here are a couple of things I made a few days after Kart released:

Spoiler: Lap time displayer

Name:  kart0199.gif
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Displays your lap times - Your best lap, your last lap, and the previous 5 times.
Also forces your lap to 1 so you can improve your time over and over and over and over...

Spoiler: Kart health

You explode if you gently crash onto geometry.
Name:  kart0097.gif
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Size:  1.30 MB
Name:  kart0101.gif
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Size:  1.67 MB

Spoiler: Jetty-syn

This is my most recent project.

(YouTube video)
A gimmick character, it thrusts upwards when the drift button is held.
Since this is an exclusively airborne character, it doesn't get to freely move on the floor.

At the moment, the signpost sprite and a couple others, along with all the "voice" clips, are placeholder.

Name:  kart0242.gif
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A gif from an earlier version

Spoiler: OMG!!! secret ietm in kart finallly revealed??????

Spoiler: No fun
This was a test item while I was trying to implement a custom item system.

I have made a tiny framework, along with a bunch of custom (shitposting) items. Some don't do much, they are more for testing different features.
I wanted to post a video about each one but eh

It does need a lot of work for the framework to be released in first place, but hey, at least it works!

Spoiler: 999cc

A video!
kartspeed veryhard sucks
This is the new meta

I also have something I was working on SRB2 a long while ago but stopped due to lack of interest. It just needs some extra polish...

NOTICE: Game must be restarted to record statistics.

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