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Default [EmpiralMP v1.2.0.0 Dev Version] Party category returning nil instead of string

According to my log.txt, the Test Party is created, but the party's category is nil for some odd reason, and I've been attempting to fix it where the party's category is either "Public Party" or "Private Party". Please comment or PM if the rest of my Lua scripts in Lua/EmpiralMP need to be seen to help me with this issue. Also, the messages that are shown when you use the wrong parameters are getting revamped to be like vanilla for better user-friendliness soon so those don't need to be worried about yet.


Compiled for SDL version: 2.0.9
Linked with SDL version: 2.0.3
Setting up SRB2...

Sonic Robo Blast 2
Copyright (C) 1998-2018 by Sonic Team Junior

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
the License, or (at your option) any later version.
See the 'LICENSE.txt' file for details.

Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters are trademarks of SEGA.
We do not claim ownership of SEGA's intellectual property used
in this program.

Looking for WADs in: SRB2WADDIR,.
Z_Init(): Init zone memory allocation daemon.
System memory: 2047MB - Free: 2047MB
W_InitMultipleFiles(): Adding IWAD and main PWADs.
Added file C:\Users\ZachandTim\Desktop\Zach's Files\Games\SRB2\2.1\srb2.srb (6214 lumps)
Loading main config from C:\Users\ZachandTim\Desktop\Zach's Files\Games\SRB2\2.1\srb2.srb
Added file C:\Users\ZachandTim\Desktop\Zach's Files\Games\SRB2\2.1\zones.dta (962 lumps)
Loading main config from C:\Users\ZachandTim\Desktop\Zach's Files\Games\SRB2\2.1\zones.dta
Added file C:\Users\ZachandTim\Desktop\Zach's Files\Games\SRB2\2.1\player.dta (526 lumps)
Added file C:\Users\ZachandTim\Desktop\Zach's Files\Games\SRB2\2.1\rings.dta (444 lumps)
Added file C:\Users\ZachandTim\Desktop\Zach's Files\Games\SRB2\2.1\patch.dta (94 lumps)
Added file C:\Users\ZachandTim\Desktop\Zach's Files\Games\SRB2\2.1\music.dta (171 lumps)
NOTE: Under SDL2, all modes are supported on all platforms.
Under opengl, fullscreen only supports native desktop resolution.
Under software, the mode is stretched up to desktop resolution.
0: 1920x1200
1: 1920x1080
2: 1680x1050
3: 1600x1200
4: 1600x900
5: 1366x768
6: 1440x900
7: 1280x1024
8: 1280x960
9: 1280x800
10: 1280x720
11: 1152x864
12: 1024x768
13: 800x600
14: 640x480
15: 640x400
16: 320x240
17: 320x200
Current Video Mode
320x200 at 16 bit color
Stored in system memory
CPU Info: 486: 1, 586: 1, MMX: 1, 3DNow: 0, MMXExt: 0, SSE2: 1
HU_Init(): Setting up heads up display.
Number of console HUD lines is now 5
Cannot use joystick #1/(1), it doesn't exist
Cannot use joystick #2/(2), it doesn't exist
executing config.cfg
Cannot use joystick #1/(1), it doesn't exist
Default resolution: 640 x 400 (8 bits)
M_Init(): Init miscellaneous info.
R_Init(): Init SRB2 refresh daemon.
srb2.srb added 2975 frames in 231 sprites
player.dta added 163 frames in 1 sprites
rings.dta added 431 frames in 18 sprites
patch.dta added 1 frames in 1 sprites
Added skin 'tails'
Added skin 'knuckles'
Number of Extra Colormaps: 0
S_InitSfxChannels(): Setting up sound channels.
ST_Init(): Init status bar.
D_CheckNetGame(): Checking network game status.
Entering main game loop...
================================================== =========================
We hope you enjoy this game as
much as we did making it!
...wait. =P
================================================== =========================
Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1.20 (Dec 5 2018 14:00:52 illegal)
$addfile empiralmp.pk3
NOTICE: Game must be restarted to record statistics.
Added file empiralmp.pk3 (14 lumps)
Loading Lua script from empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/
Pardon me while I initialize the Lua scripting interface...
Loading Lua script from empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/LUA_VERSION
Loading Lua script from empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/LUA_HELP
Loading Lua script from empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/LUA_OBJECTS
MobjType MT_EMPCAKE allocated.
State S_EMPCAKE allocated.
Sprite SPR_EFYC allocated.
Loading Lua script from empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/LUA_USERDATA
Loading Lua script from empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/LUA_ADMIN
Loading Lua script from empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/LUA_MENU
Loading Lua script from empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/LUA_INIT
Added command "showmodversion"
Added command "changechatroom"
Added command "createparty"
Added command "changeparty"
Added command "invitetoparty"
Added command "muteplayer"
Added command "unmuteplayer"
Added command "sethome"
Added command "removehome"
Added command "teleporttohome"
Added command "setwarp"
Added command "removewarp"
Added command "teleporttowarp"
Added command "empiralmp_help"
Added command "listpartymembers"
empiralmp.pk3 added 5 frames in 1 sprites
No maps added
Starting Server....
Binding to
Network system buffer: 64Kb
Contacting the server...
Sending join request...
Join accepted, waiting for complete game state...
Player 1 has joined the game (node 0)
Speeding off to level...
Welcome to EmpiralMP v1.2.0.0, which was created by ChaoLoveIceMDBoy! For some information on how to use EmpiralMP, please checkout the following pages by using the empiralMP_help command:
User Documentation Page: userdoc
Modder Documentation Page: modderdoc
Changelog Page: changelog
Links Page: links

empiralMP_help [<name>]: Prints the EmpiralMP main page if the argument name is not used; otherwise, the page that matches the argument name is displayed.

Map is now "MAP01: GREENFLOWER ZONE 1"
Player 1 renamed to ChaoLoveIceMDBoy
$changechatroom party
Successfully changed chat room to the Party Chat Room!

$createparty "Test Party" test public
You have successfully made a party called Test Party!

A party called Test Party has been created by ChaoLoveIceMDBoy!

WARNING: empiralmp.pk3|Lua/EmpiralMP/LUA_USERDATA:116: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
<~ChaoLoveIceMDBoy> Hi, this is a test message!
I_ShutdownGraphics(): shut down
I_ShutdownTcpDriver: shut down
I_ShutdownSystem(): end of logstream.


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