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I was first introduced to Sonic and... pretty much video games in general through my dad's SEGA Genesis, I grew up playing Sonic 1, 2, and 3D Blast as well as a couple other Traveller's Tales titles. I've been playing the games ever since and Sonic has shaped a lot of my interests in video games from hacking to coding to level design and game mechanics and even the history of games. I was also drawn to Sonic as a character because of his personality, even though I never saw the cartoons until I was a lot older and it would be a few years before I finally got my hands on a 3D title (that being Heroes). The way Sonic tapped his foot and looked at the camera with such expressiveness showing off how determined and cool he was was always neat to me, but Tails has always been the character I've been drawn to more sheerly because of the cuteness factor.

I too would like to see other people's stories on this though.
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