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Cold Metal Caves: X/X. Can't vote on my own map, now can I? XP

Jungle Island Zone: 4/10. It was rather... Bland.
No enemies. No rings. No springs.
Just, a hallway of trees. Or, tree textures. Plus, as noted before, the passages were too small.
Sure, this was probebly meant for racing, but f'crying out loud, I like a map with speed!

Egg Palace Zone: 7/10. Quite a show of WADding skills!
The music was most awesome.
The guy who did this obviously knew how to work WA/DB.
The big letdown was how easy it was to get lost...
There were so many alternate paths, that I KNEW it would take me several days to find EVERYTHING.
I love big levels, but I don't like levels where it's easy to get lost.
Buuut, the sheer awesomeness of the level kept this level floating above the line of 5/10. :mrgreen:

*Favorite* Castle Wolfenstein Zone: 9/10. I have to admit. It was fun!
I liked how you drew the eggman mustache on the portraits. XD
Tell you the truth, I like FPS's.
True, it might not fit the Sonic style. But, the hallways are big enough to run full speed through them.
It was especially fun when I decided to switch on RINGSLINGER. ~_^
By the way, the enemies murder each other because they're in the way.
They're TRYING to shoot you, but accidentally hit the other.
Thus, nothing gives me more pleasure than circling the guy with the machine gun as he tries to shoot me, but ends up taking out everyone else. ~_^ And then, to finish off the irony, I kill him.

Gloom Metropolis Zone act 2: 7/10. Very nice lookin'.
Graphically, this is a very interesting zone.
Don't have much else to say. :roll:

I'll get back to you on the match levels once a netgame has started.
Hey, hey hey.
Chill out.
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