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I'd give the game some developers that aren't total dicks.
Or developers that don't fire their peers for keeping tabs on the community.

This happened. <- (link)

More specifically:
I find no joy in personal gain. I never wanted the 'fame' that came with working on Terraria. And I was concerned when I saw that many people who were my fans on there followed me here and still considered me as important. I'm just a guy who wants to make people happy. To help where I can. I was once accused of only doing the job for the money, so I admitted to not deserving such reward, and turned down my large paycheck for Terraria to prove a point that I didn't do it for the money. But in the end, even that wasn't enough to prove my convictions for my desire to make people happy. After such time, I was accused of yet another false reasoning behind my forwardness and honesty to our fans. I was fired for being 'a glory hog', a term used by Redigit that hurt me so much, it burned. I was confused by his actions, because he once valued my conviction in communicating on his and Terraria's behalf, so much he told me he envied my ability to do so. Simply put, I was fired for doing the job I was hired to do.
(This is why everyone who has more than two braincells hates redigit with the burning passion of mordor's hellfire.)

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