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[23:25] <ZarroTsu> so
[23:25] <ZarroTsu> if you punch a pony
[23:25] <ZarroTsu> what happens
[23:25] <D00D64-X> Zarro: They buck you into next week
[23:25] <D00D64-X> at the least
[23:25] <ZarroTsu> I could do with skipping a week
[23:25] * Chase punches ZarroTsu like Cans
[23:26] <ZarroTsu> WHEEEE
[23:26] <ZarroTsu> oh it's like I never moved
[23:26] <Chase> yes
[23:26] <Chase> clearly nothing changed in a week
[23:26] <Chase> Let's try punching you again
[23:26] <ZarroTsu> nah
[23:26] * Chase punches ZarroTsu again
[23:27] * ZarroTsu cool dodge and supplex throw
[23:27] -->| RedEnchilada has joined #srb2fun
[23:27] <RedEnchilada> fuck you, internet
[23:27] <ZarroTsu> and then Chase was RedEnchilada
[16:44] <Mystic> actually, Deep Sea is filled with the tears of kids banned from the forums
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