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Default Make Custom Characters saveable to saveslots (SP)

There's a strange way to use custom characters for Single player and make them able to be saved to saveslots. But only in other mods.

That's what I did, I firstly added a custom character (Shadow.wad). then added a map mod (sc_Heroesv3.wad). then have a nice time at SP with your custom character in your map mod. once you got done go to SRB2 menu then check your slots in SP. You will see that your character is in your saveslot saved and safety. Now you are able to use your custom character in your map mods.

But there's other thing.
If you did what I said, Quit the game and open it again without wads. But just add another custom character (MetalSonic.wad) and the map mod again (sc_HeroesV3.wad). At slots you will see that the other custom character (Shadow.wad) is not shown in the previous slots because the previous character (Shadow.wad) is not added, only the new added one (MetalSonic.wad). and his default color is like the previous character (Shadow.wad) because it was saved in this color. not the new character's default color. But it is only shows his default character in game and not in slots.
You can even add Luas firstly and then add map mods. That's a nice way to save slots too.

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