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Greenflower Zone 2: misaligned main texture (only this side)

Red Volcano Zone 1:

Missing lava in a sector.

Misplaced diagonal red spring (it's supposed to be on the ledge below).

Yeah, the was the other misplaced spring I fixed last night. It still doesn't propel you properly to the rock its facing, but then again I'm not sure it ever did. The layout will probably need to be changed in a future version to make more sense. -Jazz

This FOF doesn't sink enough to hurt you anymore.

Egg Rock Zone 1:

Missing lower texture on the floor crusher (only becomes a problem once it moves in-game).

This glass FOF is too short; the player can wedge him self into a spin and go over it right out into the decorative outer space area.

Egg Rock Zone 2:

The thick brim over the skinnier laser boxes don't actually have any laser in them (it cuts off early) and the pit below lacks the light blocks that form the black gradient.

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