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Originally Posted by Cyan Ryan View Post
Rings seem to respawn in DSZ3 in Co-op. Not sure if they do it in other levels.
It's a little something called ITEMRESPAWN. The server had it set on for whatever reason. Monitors respawn too when it's on.

Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
I was a spectator when I entered the room, but I was NOT in a "ghost" state, and was on a "neutral" team during a Team Match. I just entered the room, prepared to spawn, then I was hit and killed by a weapon, and noticed I wasn't a real spectator. I was able to fight like I always did (sadly without seeing my weapon ring totals, but ah well), and stayed as a lavender Sonic the whole time. I think I caused a lot of consfail kicks too, but it might have just been the server's consfail protect options.

Do you know of any way to recreate that? -Jazz
If you make a text file consisting of the next line, you can recreate that.

color orange;wait 30;exec filename.txt

No, you can't. I fixed that bug with EXEC ages ago. This seems like a completely unrelated bug... probably related to something Spazzo already found earlier. ~Inuyasha

I'm not sure how it happened without provocation, though. Probably D00D was hit by a weapon on the same frame he tried to spawn.

EDIT: Oh, and for some reason I'm getting more lag than I used to. I usually play with a bunch of my friends in our own server, so I know how much lag I should be getting from each person, and I think SRB2 sending more crap in its packets could be part of the problem.

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