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Originally Posted by Brown the dog
I cannot understand this version, at all.
-It gives me a C-Kick because of some odd commands-like that I didn't type in (and it was on MY server, how can I be C-Kicked of my server anyway?!).
-My character is out of control.
-It changes gametype and map.
-It ends the map.

Right in the middle of a CTF match of some sort. Out of nowhere The match ends randomly then my screen gets spammed with Unknown net command crap. Then the worst part of it all that it freezes SRB2 and C-failes me from my own server. Its just awful. To be honest I think SRB2 got really retarded ever since it was updated from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 when I'm hosting an un-modified game no matter what Game type it is srb2 randomly quits and then I get an error message saying INTERNAL GAME MAP '' NOT FOUND, like wtf? Then there are times when my server randomly quits I look into the console and it says The Server tried to add C' or " or G But you don't have this file. Then I'm like wtf there's no such wad file EVER and also wtf I am the server. I didn't have any verified admins either. >.> Also in Icicle Falls Zone if you go into the river in the middle of the map the screen gets spammed with Player X in S_PLAY_PAIN while touching surface. (Zombie Bug). Er...OK >.> then the most annoying of all is when the game randomly lags like crazy wether in Single Player or Multiplayer it makes you lag like crazy and you can barely jump and stuff. I've also noticed the increased amount of bugs from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3. All I have to say is WHY!?
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