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Honestly I really like all of the classic special stages except Sonic 1, and that's primarily because Sonic 1's special stage 3 is so incredibly bullshit that even with memorization you're just going to lose every once in a while to falling across the entire map at uncontrollable speeds.

Sonic 2's special stages seem divisive nowadays, and I think part of that is that they're both challenging and memorization-based and you are absolutely going to fail them a lot until you succeed. There seems to be a lot of hyperbole on that, with a lot of older players also seem to have forgotten the learning process they had to get to the point where they can trivially complete them, and a lot of newer players not considering stage memorization to be a reasonable mechanic. I think there's a middle ground there, but of course I grew up in an era where memorization and ingraining something into your muscle memory to complete it was quite common.

On the actual topic, the main thing I really want to see fixed in Sonic CD is a removal of the loading sequences that were needed in 1993 but sure aren't anymore now that we aren't playing on a 1x CD drive. Time travel would feel so much more satisfying to me if it was instantaneous and it just instantly swapped the maps with zero load time at all.
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