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Default Discord Quotes: Round 1

1. Try to keep it short. tl;dr quotes that take ages to get to the punch line aren't nearly as awesome as 10 lines.
2. Don't quote yourself. It's just bad taste.
3. If your quote is supposed to be funny, please make sure it's ACTUALLY funny. Get someone else to read your quote before posting it. If they don't chuckle, it's probably not worth posting.
4. Line break for every new message, even if posted by the same person as before. If it's the same person, there is no need for two usernames.

Example (which prompted the existence of this in the first place):
Monster Iestyn:so yeah, this is what I've been up to for the last half year or more at this point
MascaraSnake:so beetles are to blame for 2.2 still not being out? :P
MI:frankly i've been kind of inactive towards SRB2 anyway
and so are most of the devs it turns out
Teapot:could you say it's not out yet due to bugs
I'm sorry
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