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(About the ear thing I last posted about 3-4 weeks ago... Fodder, I said it felt like it was full of water, and I meant that as in "I know that's not it, but that's what it feels like", but I can understand why you misunderstood it like that. Anyway, I failed to get up nice and early one day a week or so ago, and when asked why I couldn't hear anything, I replied it was because my ears were clogged up. Then I got a couple of Q-tip thingies stuffed into my ears for a bit, got ear wax out of my ears, and now I hear pretty normal again.)

Is there any particular reason noone has commented/started discussions/threads on SRB2's Steam group (since the 24th February 2016) (except JTE on the latest group announcement today), and I too am unable to do so (and have been unable for, like... many months)? Is it intentional, a moderator/administrator accidentally hitting a couple of wrong buttons, Steam having been weird for well over a year, or something else?

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