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Default She Said Yes! (SRB2: Marriage Edition Release Date Inside)

I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but I've been engaged for almost a month now. I'm getting married in May!

Because of this, I am going to do an SRB2 release close to that time. It doesn't mean SRB2 will no longer be worked on after I'm married, but there's no guarantee that it will be, and my free time will be more limited.

It will be known as SRB2ME, or "SRB2 Marriage Edition". The version will be v2.0.

Will it be "1.1"? Not really sure. It really depends on what all gets done between now and then. I kinda anticipated this situation back in the summertime, and I formed a small group of community members to help get more things accomplished. I imagine some things will end up not making it.

But hey, it's been a wild ~11 years.

And yes, I will try to get Knuckles done by then.

NOTE: please check here for updated release information.
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