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Spoiler: GFZ
Crawla: These come in blue and red variations, with the only difference being that red crawla is faster. Honestly the blue crawla is fine, but I feel like red crawla's should shoot a small, slow moving projectile at the player or in the player's general direction.

SDURF: These are also fine, but I feel like there should be a second variant of them that jumps back and forth in an arch shape so they can be placed next to bridges and attack the player while they are on dry ground. This would make GFZ feel a little more lively than it already does, and would be a neat thing for custom stages too.

Spoiler: THZ
Buzz: I feel like a little bit of a tricky AI would be nice. Have them slowly (or quickly in the case of the red ones) move toward the player as usual, but if the player attempts to attack them they try to move out of the way or something. Alternatively, they could act similar to Buzz Bombers in that they could maintain their vertical height, follow the player, and attempt to hit them with projectiles that move at a fixed angle.

Spring Shell: Only real change to these I would like to see is to set them apart from Crawla's while spinning them from the ground or coming at them from the side in general. Basically, my idea is to make it so that regardless of how they are destroyed, the act of destroying them through direct contact propels the player upward (with preserved horizontal momentum) as though the spring activated anyway. This would allow them to be placed in such a way the practicality of destroying them appears to be the same as a Crawla at first, but in reality is slightly different and results in different movement for the player. This could also make for some interesting shortcuts for characters that can spin.

Turret: These also appear later in the game, but I will just go over it here. The idea of these things is rather sound, the only thing I would do is place more of them. They are so few and far between they they can be ignored almost entirely.

Detons: I don't remember if these still appear in THZ or if they are exclusive to TLZ, but I will go over them here either way. I feel like they should have a recognizable, slow beeping sound that can be heard from a small distance away so as to warn the player before they are spotted. Perhaps also have them speed up a little as they grow closer and start out moving somewhat slow, so as to give the player a little bit more leeway in escaping.

Spoiler: DSZ
Crushstacean: Honestly I don't think these need much in the way of tweaks. They are a minor annoyance but not the horrible thing everyone seems to make them out to be.

Mines: I don't see a problem with these either.

Skim: These are mostly fine as is, but maybe they would be better if they moved a little more slowly.

Jet Jaw: These are also fine. I would make them more relentless in their hunt though, have them only give up their chase after they spot the player if the player physically leaves the water. This forces the player to either destroy them, or make a swift retreat.

Spoiler: CEZ
Lance-a-Bot: I like their behavior a lot more than in previous versions of SRB2. The only thing I would change about them is I would make the time it takes for them to charge their dash attack a little bit longer so that the near-invulnerability they have during the dash feels more justified.

Robo Hoods: These guys are pretty much fine, a little disappointed they aren't made use of during the boss act though. Would be a great way for the boss to defend itself during the pinch phase.

Egg Guard: I would just make the shields slightly less durable. It feels intuitive that the shield should break if you are moving fast enough when you hit it. Sonic's thok should be enough to do the trick. Maybe also make it so it only takes one hit from behind to destroy them entirely, since that's their vulnerable spot.

Spoiler: ACZ
BASH: These are actually rather few and far between now. Either way, I'm not entirely sure what I think about them since I rarely encounter them.

Green Snapper: Their behavior is fine but I feel like they should be easier to destroy from above. Feels like most of the time I try to jump on them as a character with spin jump, they hurt me instead.

Minus: I feel like the fact that they carry things they burrow under with them could be incorporated into their attack strategy. Have them grab the player if they burrow underneath them, and the player has to mash jump to escape before it jumps out of the ground to deal damage. Doing so successfully puts the player into the jump state, destroying the badnik when it jumps.

Canarivore: I'm kinda indifferent to these. Only thing I would probably change is make it easier to destroy them.

Spoiler: RVZ
Pterabyte: It should be made possible, or at least more apparent that you can escape by mashing directional inputs. As it is, the player will typically feel helpless as soon as they are grabbed, and the resulting damage from getting dropped in the lava and losing their rings ends up feeling cheap. Also maybe reduce the number of them in a flock from 3 or 4 to 2 and place them on opposite ends of the circle they are flying in.

Unidus: They feel kinda pointless right now, maybe have them throw the spike balls faster or do something else with them entirely.

Pyre Fly: Those things that light themselves on fire and fly at you slowly. These are fine, can't think of anything I would want changed.

Dragonbomber: Those big firefly things that drop bombs on you. The only thing I might want to do with these instead is have them fly in a fixed path and drop bombs along that path. Their current behavior is generally pretty fine though.

Spoiler: ERZ
Snailer: Those little dudes that cling to walls and shoot you with lasers. I would increase the frequency they shoot you at, or make it so they have a little bit more freedom to move along walls.

Pop-up Turret: Those turrets that pop out of the ground and shoot a laser at you. I would probably make these into alternate variants of the snails and give them some mobility. Maybe even merge them into the same badnik and allow it to move between the walls and floor.

Spincushion: I would probably change it so they turn red when they spot the player, but the player can jump over them and they turn blue again when they lose sight of the player. This would add an element of strategy to defeating them, rather than just trying to spin into them as fast as possible before they turn red.

Jettysyn Gunner and Jettysyn Bomber: They are pretty much fine as is but they should probably have updated AI. For the gunners, they could try to maintain a little bit of a distance from you so they can snipe you from afar. If the player is quick enough, they can jump into them before they have a chance to get away. For the bombers, they try to find a position vertically above the player only a short distance above them so they can drop bombs and occasionally swoop down briefly. If the player jumps while they are swooping down, they have a chance to destroy them.

Spoiler: FHZ
Penguinator: A fun callback to a classic badnik. Some slight visual bugs that could use fixing, but otherwise fine.

Pophat: Reminds me of a badnik from Sonic Advance 3's Twinkle Snow. Is that an intentional reference? Either way, these are also fine, though I would probably up the speed on their projectiles a little bit as they are a huge non-threat right now.

Spoiler: HHZ
Spinbobert: I actually really like the creativity and movement to these ones. No complaints here.

Cacolantern: This is a really fun reference as well. No complaints here either.

Hangster: Reminds me of Marble Zone, except this zone isn't anywhere near as slow.

Spoiler: AGZ
Hive: I love the idea of a badnik that acts as a spawn point for another type of badnik until you destroy it.

Bumblebore: I would probably hate these with the burning passion of 100 million suns a little bit less if they didn't try to slam into the player directly horizontally, and were limited to falling on the player from above. It's absolutely horrible to be trying to do timing based platforming above a bottomless pit, only to be denied by one of these things slamming into you and costing you a life.

Spoiler: Brand new badnik ideas that I had
Butterfly themed badnik: This would be a basic flying badnik that appears in GFZ. They fly close to the ground, generally nearby flowers. They don't actively attack the player, and serve generally as practice for dealing with enemies that aren't grounded.

Rabbit themed badnik: A timid badnik that flees from the player when spotted that appears in GFZ. If the player is hit by another badnik and drops their rings, this badnik will attempt to grab some of the dropped rings quickly and run off before the player recovers. Defeating this badnik drops whatever rings it has stolen for the player to re-collect.

UFO badnik: A small UFO-like badnik that flies around outside in THZ. It can't hurt the player directly, but will fly around the player annoyingly, and sometimes beam them up and drop them into the bouncy goop. If they player mashes jump while beamed up, they can attack the UFO from the inside and eventually destroy it. Destroying this badnik drops some rings for the player to collect.

T-Rex badnik: A huge badnik sleeping in a cave somewhere in RVZ. You can cross the cave to act as a shortcut, but if you make any loud noises (such as stepping on a collapsing platform) the giant badnik will wake up and chase after the player, destroying everything in it's path. It cannot be damaged, and the only hope for survival is to escape the cave.

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