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Deep Sea Zone has a pretty solid enemy set. Crushtacean is very simple in design, but it does a really good job of introducing a kind of territory control that forces the player to respect it and carefully move around it, without necessarily breaking game flow. Knocking around the mines to trigger a chain reaction is also a really fun mechanic.

Castle Eggman might have arguably the best set of enemies though. By mixing and matching the set of enemies in different environments, you get really compelling combat scenarios in which the different strengths of each enemy synergize in different ways.

Red Volcano Zone also has some cool concepts, though I think there's an open question as to how well designed the Pterabyte is.

As for weakest design, I feel that Greenflower could use an update. There's effectively only two enemy types in the entire zone (crawla and jumping fish). The crawla's movement type is really uninspiring and doesn't allow for the type of creative usage that comes with the later enemies that have more deliberate territorial or pattern-based behavior. I also think it could be a bit of an issue that there's no projectile enemy introduced into the game until the GFZ3 boss and that we should introduce some stationary enemy with a slow-moving projectile to warm players up to dodging bullets.

Another enemy that needs reconsideration is the Crawla Commander. This thing is pretty nonviable in terms of placement; its behavior might work better if the enemy was split up into two single-hit enemies, one for each attack phase. I do like the idea of having an elite version of the most basic enemy, but it might be worth redoing the gameplay from the ground up.

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