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If you fall out of the islands, knights come to rescue you with their birds. The men's knight uniform is Link's green tunic. The women's is red. And inside a building, I saw a guy wearing a yellow one.
Don't forget the blue one that catches you if you fall off at night.

Originally Posted by Yoshi
Ancient Cistern completed! I wasn't really fan of Zelda games but this one is awesome. I still can't decide if I like it more than SMG2.
Just stay tuned. It gets much better after you get the Clawshots.

Anywho, I must say I do quite like this game and how it explains how the Master Sword came to be what it is. I thought it was kind of interesting how when you originally pull out the Goddess Sword, Fi (a.k.a. your not-so-trusty assistant) recognizes Link as "Master". This got me thinking: could this be why whenever the Master Sword is needed, it can only be picked up by Link, because it recognizes Link as its master? Another good point is this (Don't look if you don't want major spoilage)

I don't quite understand how the timeline works here. Since the old lady in the Sacred Grounds is Impa as an old lady, could it be that due to this story line, the Master Sword came into being because it was pulled out in the future as the Goddess Sword, turned into the Master Sword, then left back in the past so that all the other Links until him would be able to use it? It could explain how older Impa disappeared in the end, because at that point she would be the sage of shadow. I should probably kill Demise again to see if this could be true.
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