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ms reflec beat stan
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20:36 RedEchidna|Laptop !rule 34
20:36 SRB2M659 Rule Number 34: If it exists, there's porn of it.
20:36 Armonte !rule 35
20:36 Armonte Haha
20:36 JEV3 :D
20:36 Armonte !rule 1
20:36 Armonte that's not right :(
20:36 Mystic lol, does it actually have Rule 35 in there?
20:36 Mystic !rule 35
20:36 SRB2M659 Rule Number 35: If there isn't porn of it, there soon will be.
20:37 RedEchidna|Laptop Needs moar !rule all
20:37 Mystic Rule 35 is wrong
20:37 Armonte !rule 36
20:37 Mystic It should be "If it cannot be found, it shall be made"
20:37 Patchouli64 ^
20:37 RedEchidna|Laptop where's my crawla porn
20:37 RedEchidna|Laptop :<
20:37 Armonte guys
20:37 BlazingPhoenix diy
20:37 Mystic Oh god. Someone needs to MS Paint up Crawla pr0n
20:37 Armonte instantsonic said he would draw SRB2 R34 because of Glaber's Avatar, just to freak you out
20:37 Mystic That would be hilarious
20:37 RedEchidna|Laptop althoughh I has sharp fetish
20:37 JEV3 didn't STD already do that Mystic?
20:38 Armonte RedEchidna|Laptop: yes

I'll format it properly later. I'm borrowing a laptop right now.
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