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Originally Posted by The Dark Fox
I'm disappointed. You only made, like, a couple of levels. Wait, their other peoples levels. I wanted to see some levels from you. Change your songs. The invincibility song isn't fitting. Perhaps a "you did it!" song? The boss was pretty bad, counting how the Vador boss is unoriginal; move and shoot. Amazing.

Is their any particular reason why you edited a little bit of every level? Please note that the Robots can be easily confused as enemies. Enemies are basically edits of others; what the hell is that alien thing?

That level is not so good. As stated in the Wiki, running for switches isn't a good idea. And keep the Size Sonic size, not Star Wars size.

Desolite Twilight was the music I switched to to save myself.
First of all, I can't make levels for crap, I can edit their content, but I can't make them. So that's why other people made the levels. Secondly, I edited the existing levels because I wanted to. And, I think change can be fun. And for your information, there are exactly 4 new levels. And the people who made those levels made them FOR this mod. Meaning they offered to make levels for me and I said yes. Thirdly, I am not going to change the the songs to anything but star wars because this is a STAR WARS MOD! And the invincibility song is SO fitting, your crazy to think otherwise. XD (And wtf is a "you did it!" song?) Anyway, the vader boss is more complex than you say. He shoots, walks, charges, and jumps. So, if you want to moan and groan about originality, don't for a second accuse me of being un-original! I have been putting massive amounts of concentration on how to make this mod as unique as I know how to make it! And when you said "Please note that the Robots can be easily confused as enemies. Enemies are basically edits of others; what the hell is that alien thing?" The robots...uh...ARE the enemies! XP And duh, the enemies are edits. If you haven't noticed, I have a minute knowledge of complex SOCcing, so editing is the best I know how to do, pal. And that alien thing is Jar Jar Binks: A rly annoying character that was put in the movies as a supposed comic relief. "And keep the Size Sonic size, not Star Wars size." ...uh...I'll keep it Star Wars size for one main reason: IT IS A STAR WARS MOD. Be thankful any new levels are in there. I write this response not as a flame, but an explanation. Judging by your review, you obviously haven't a clue about Star Wars. I suggest next time you write a review, you write a well-informed one. And as I stated in the initial post, this mod is more visual than anything else. A total conversion, if you will. Please don't take this as an angry post, because it's not. It's an explanatory post. I am also deeply offended that you are so quick to look down upon a project that I have been working on ever since I joined this forum. The goal of this mod is not to mix in a little star wars with sonic, but to make star wars merge with sonic. Thank you for reading my opinion.
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