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Default =[SRB2 Star Wars Mod - FINAL RELEASE!!!]=

Here is my biggest project ever! I made the first sprite in August of 2007. The circle is now complete in June of 2008.
SRB2 Star Wars was meant to be more of a visual mod, as opposed to JTE, or SRB2 Riders. I'm not saying that this mod has no SOCcing, or anything like that, but it has a ton more visual than anything else. But anyway, here are a few screenies:

Also, you can view the official trailer for this mod here.

And finaly, the NEW download link:

SRB2 Star Wars-Final (Über Fixed)
**Only 53mb!!!...instead of 158mb...

Here is the updated version of the formerly know as "Deathstar Orbit" level:


1.) Put the m03 file in your srb2 folder
2.) Download the deathstarlevel.wad file and put it into your srb2 folder if you haven't done so already
3.) Make a txt file and lable it "SRB2 Star Wars Launcher"
4.) Open it and paste this in it : Srb2win.exe -file SRB2_Star_Wars_Final.m03 deathstar_level.wad
5.) Click "Save As"
6.) Where it says "Save as type:" put "Any File"
7.) Where it says "File name:" put "SRB2 Star Wars Launcher.bat"
8.) Click "Save"
9.) Put the file you just saved in your srb2 folder
10.) Double Click it to play the SRB2 Star Wars Mod!


-Morph for the levels and the Vader Boss SOC
-Camouflage (aka camo man) for a level
-zck2020 for everything else
-John Williams for most of the songs
-Newgrounds for the remixed songs


EDIT: YES, I know the Vader boss is really easy to beat, please just shut up about it. If you want to port it to 2.0, feel free to do so. Just include the original credits as well.

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