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I think there should be like a report post button like most of the bigger forums do.

Positives about this:
This will reduce the work the admins have to do to look through posts.
Allows the members to help the mods by pointing out specific rule breaking posts.
Even if people abuse it the mods will beable to punish the person. (since it tells the admins who reported the post)

People will abuse it.
People wont use it because they are afraid that the person they reported will find out who reported them. (even though the admins will leave the person who reported the post ananomous<-(hopefully you can figure out what I tried to spell))

Well these are just things i have seen on other forums that work rather well take them or leave them its fine with me.

About the forums games rule thats the first time I have heard a rule against them since forums games are generally allowed on forums.
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