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Well, ya see, Crazy didn't get banned for 2 reasons.

1: He has a avatar with Mystic's character in it. The avatar also shows that he is a badass moderator in the same terms as the Nazi fuhrer crap on April fools.
2: He shows a slightly grammar than you do. No, your grammar is already good, but that of him still prevails. He also showed more resemblance to the admins here, and I bet Mystic-tachi probably like him more than you do because of that.

Anyways, now serious. You were both wrong, for sure. Saying "I hate you" might not be a flame, but its wrong. Those kinda things often lead to flame fights, or people will make groups and the largest group that hates the person wins. That makes the hated person "sad", if I should say it in a way even a little kid thats 4 years old understands, and often makes him/her leave everything related to SRB2, even though there are good people between. If its not that, it will probably lead to a heavy serious flame fight. "I hate you" is just as wrong as "you suck", if not worse. Only people who can really stand that or ignore it will come trough it. Why? Because some people come to team up with that guy that says "I hate you". If he says "You suck" it'll sound n00bish or newbie-ish, and nobody will team up on him, except for other n00bs. And since smart people never take n00bs seriously, it will get ignored.

Both of you two should've been banned in this case. Crazyhedgehog reminds me a whole damn lot of Bigboi, who was wrong too, no matter how pro he might've sounded to the admins. His ban was well-deserved, and if he was like that from the beginning, I'm wondering how he got about 4000 posts here. If he really was like that in the beginning, something would really be wrong to the admins. Mystic can talk like a god sometimes, but indeed, like I'll begin mentioned, he isn't. He makes mistakes. If two both Omega(or whoever) and a random new n00b called ultimate_sonails_71020 both started spamming. Omega spams just as bad and much as the ultimate_sonails_71020, who would get banned first? I'll betcha it'd be the n00b, purely because Omega is a old member of the forums.
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