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I've never used kartmaker tool, but i know how to use Slade. The sound effects for super need to have an echo like the others, if you can do soo. I don't know either how you should name the sounds but you can check out other character add-ons just to see how they rename their sounds on the S_SKIN text. You just grab an character for kart and drag it on Slade, it should Open an tab where you can see the character (but don't rename them like they are in the other characters. The game will accidentaly load the sound files and make the other character sound like yours, if you load your wad after) The palete needs to be between 160-175 for your character to change colors (or by other words, paint it green in where you want it to be the color changable) The sprites should look like they have an green color selected in-game. And if doesn't look like you imagined, Its ok, Its your first time modding. Everyone starts by doing something. Hope this helped.
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