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Default Need help with making an SRB2 Kart addon

So I'm attempting to make my very first addon for SRB2 Kart and I need to know some things about making addons. I've been using audacity to make the sound files and I'm using the Kartmaker tool and its templates to help me, and to edit the actual sprites. Making these looked incredibly daunting at first, but poking around in the forums and wiki, as well as seeing the vanilla character files opened in slade, has helped a bit more.

I know there's the tutorial for the base game srb2 for custom characters, most of which I could apply to making the kart, but there isn't any clear-cut tutorial specifically for srb2 kart addon making. So, I have some things I'm unsure about, such as:

-what effects need to be on each sound file like echo, fade-out, etc. and values if needed
-general volume mixing of each sound to not be too loud or too quiet for the game
-how to name each file so they work properly/how many are needed to have complete sound
-where to put colors on the character to have the "palette swap" (is it related to the shades of green on the kart?) like how the vanilla characters look when you open their sprite files in slade.

this is the very first time I've ever tried to make a wad/pk3/addon/whatever. I've never used slade or the kartmaker tool, and I've never touched doom engine modding (wadding?) before this. But, I would like to learn it so I can have another creative outlet and to dip my hands in modding.
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