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Originally Posted by RedEnchilada View Post
The additional parameters are always saved as strings, so try using tonumber(mapheaderinfo[gamemap].secretstuff) instead. (Or if you want to be able to evaluate built-in constants, EvalMath(mapheaderinfo[gamemap].secretstuff), but that one can throw errors so you should be careful with it.)
I think I did try tonumber(thing), but I'm not sure. (Maybe I just remember tostring-ifying it or something for the print check thing.) I guess I'll try that again, then.

Originally Posted by RedEnchilada View Post
The custom parameters might also fall into a similar problem as the rest of the level header parameters of padding the string out with \0s to a fixed length, so you might need to check for that.
Spoiler: Image


Edit: Okay, tonumber-ing it seems to work... even though I could've sworn I had tried that before. Thank you.

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