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I've said this before on various chat rooms, but Sonic Heroes is the game that made me give up on the franchise for good. SA1/2 were mediocre, but Heroes was a nose-dive in quality that caused me never to buy 3D Sonic again. There are clearly so many ideas that were involved in the creation of the game that just were completely ignored and never panned out, and the most awful parts were emphasized over and over.

For instance, the team gameplay was an interesting concept, but in practical reality never created any gameplay variety because the game automatically switched you to the correct option a lot of the time, and there was never any question of what the game wanted you to do. It was just pure rock paper scissors gameplay that never changed. The game never presented you with a new hazard and asked you how to approach it. It was the same, repetitive pattern all the way through. To add insult to injury, most of the characters have individual abilities that were never used. For instance, I remember messing with Espio alone and being able to use stealth and sneak around and assassinate enemies. The game had tons of gameplay variety coded, but completely unused by the game itself.

The game was also a glitchy mess, even more so than SA1/2. The special stages are the most egregious example, where you'd get caught on a polygon seam and stop dead for no reason. Another particularly stupid example I remember was dying on a grind rail because I accelerated too fast and just fell off.

I sold Sonic Heroes to a Gamestop after playing it for $6 and to this day I think I ripped them off.
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