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This is a really cool thread, if you're interested, I could give you some more tips to talk about in the top post based on what I've learned over the years.

I can think of a couple disadvantages Horseshoes could have:

For one, if poorly designed, it can cause disorient the player depending on the shape of the horseshoe. I've seen a lot of first time players run in a circle in GFZ1 because of how cramped that starting section is. Secondly, if the Horseshoe only has one exit point with a path towards it, (using DSZ1 as the example here) it can make the room feel extremely linear, and any extra geometry off of the "main path" can come off as superfluous, even with hidden items to be found. Lastly, DSZ1 has a second entry-point from the top path, players entering through this way have no idea which direction they should be moving, so a natural flow of geometry is needed to ensure that the real exit is made 100% clear.
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