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Default Tidbit's titanic and tantalizing map development thread that tickles thousands

Hello! Welcome to my little space of the editing forum. Here I will discuss, show and seek critique and comment on the textures and maps that I am currently developing in my spare time. As some of you from the irc might now (as I've frequently bugged several of you) I've been working on a stage called "Forgotten Ruin" and will focus on exploration, puzzle solving and visuals (think seraphic highlands) as opposed to more traditional maps.
Have some screenshots yo

Currently deciding on whether I should use the Tidal Tempest Past theme or tunes 99. I want something really atmospheric for the level but still something that'll hold peoples interest while they play the map. Here's the current layout:

As you can see, the main starting area (the big ol'square) has three paths branching off, I want the level to be as nonlinear as possible, with switches opening things in different areas or containing certain collectibles or whatever.
Basically, I've been working on this map for quite a while now, so I doubt I'll finish it any time soon but with everyone putting up threads I thought that doing something similar would be a good way to keep me motivated and the creative juices flowing.
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