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Originally Posted by ZarroTsu View Post
If you want to let people know about the quality of a map, say it in your post.
Actually, if you want to let people know about the absolute (as opposed to relative) quality of a map, why don't you just give a score on the 0-10 scale anyway, even if it won't count in the results? I know that's what I will do, because even though I fully support the new tallying system, I still want the mappers to know how much I liked their map on an absolute scale, not just in relation to the other ones. The 0-10 scale is an excellent way of summarizing your opinions in a concise number, it's just when these numbers are tallied and averaged that the problems start.

And regarding the leaderboard: The leaderboard has always been a "fun fact" kind of thing. It has no actual informational value. In fact, once the next contest starts, I will remove the leaderboards from the OLDC article altogether.
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