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I'm okay with simplifying the choice of the mark, like "deciding between giving a 7 or a 8", but still, we lose some accuracy.
This is the thing I'm really trying to point out. We're GAINING accuracy. We are losing precision. Let's imagine you have two thermometers and one reads the temperature at 23 and the other reads it as -12.239. The actual temperature is 22.621. Which thermometer do you want, the one that provides the most digits (precision) or the one that provides the closest estimate to the actual temperature (accuracy)?

In the old system, it was very easy for the numbers to be thrown wildly off by only a few people. You could get a precise answer with tons of numbers (we rounded to 2), but for all that precision, it wasn't a very accurate representation of the overall opinion of the community. Because of how averages worked, the people with more extreme opinions had their votes count more than the people whose opinions were in line with the rest of the community. Let's take the following example of a group of votes on a single map on the old system:

0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2

Overall, the votes here are very consistent. The average is 1 for this set of votes. Now imagine a 10th voter comes in and votes a 10. The average suddenly goes up to 2. This one voter changed the score by a full point. Now let's imagine someone else comes and votes a 1. The score now drops to 1.9. The voter that voted the 10 and the voter who voted a 1 are both people and should be counted equally, but the system is counting the voter that voted 10 to be ten times more important than the voter who voted a 1. Why should any one person's opinion be more important than everyone else?

While the new system lacks decimals and cool (irrelevant) statistics comparing all the maps we've ever made, it has the advantage of actually making every voter equal under the system, and therefore the end result will actually be an accurate representation of the overall opinions of the community. I think that's infinitely more important than any decimal point could be.
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