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This new system sounds a neat idea at first glance, but there's one thing there you seem to have completely missed out:

Where does the actual quality of the maps, including the top ones, fit into this?

I mean, all's well with showing which of the bunch of maps is the best, yes, but how on earth does that tell us if the map's really good enough to play for anyone who goes back through OLDCs to play the entries?

And for that matter, the current sort of leaderboards we have just wouldn't work anymore - the scores would all be affected by the number of people who actually voted for each contest instead, which again says nothing of the quality of the map.

As in, we could end up getting a bad map right at the top of a division leaderboard, and better maps far lower down, perhaps because the bad map by chance had more people deciding it was the best that OLDC than with the OLDC the better maps were in.

In short, in closing the loopholes with the current voting system, you've completely broken the current leaderboard system instead. Great job there.
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