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Molten Mountain Zone - Ree-c
I don't like this map very much. I'm sorry, I don't. It just doesn't play well. The first part is very confusing, and empty for its size. Later on, you have to do tricky stuff over lava pits, which is obviously frustrating, at the very least. There are tiny incoherences here and there, such as the side of a swimmable lava block having GFZROCK for a texture. Actually, why did you use GFZROCK as your main wall texture? It doesn't fit well.
However, there were some things I liked - the colormapped caves look GREAT. The steam below ceiling spikes is also a cool idea, but on the other hand for some reason my ears started ringing after hearing more than 16 synchronised steam samples bursting out of my speakers. What's up with that? 4 out of 10

Grass Highway - ST218
This map is very basic and linear, and apparently OpenGL is not very fond of it. And what the heck was that gravity thing going on near the end? 4 out of 10

Incomplete Xmas - Shadow Hog
A good general idea, but very incomplete at the time. The first room is very anti-OpenGL, due to its sheer dimension. Most of the times the SDURFS aren't even visible (and if you jump in the water, neither are you). As you climb up the mountain, you find the path very empty and basic. The fake exit, however, is sheer brilliance. The only problem is that if you die and restart from the Star Post below, running below the fake floor will make the thunder sound again. Then, the laser wall room is actually very cool - but how are you supposed to go through it? I didn't find out. Finally, the final part with the building blocks is wonderful - too bad it stops right there. A great show, Shadow Hog. 7 out of 10

Lava Dome - Tailsonic
This one actually works fine. Too bad it's a bit too linear - you could have added some floating platforms or something to spicen up the stage. 8 out of 10

Tree Ring - Some guy
Once in a while, this happens. One word - wow. My only complaint is the lack of wodden textures inside the intangible leaf blocks and the sticky stairs. 10 out of 10

Atmospheric Temple Zone - Ree-c
Um, no. Large level floating above giant pit never works. Also, I find no need to move away from the central platform. OpenGL glitches here and there, and such. Act 3? 3 out of 10

Emerald Beach - Cyan
ONOES TEH RIP-OFF NAME!! It's good to see that nothing else is based off Sonic Battle. Its a tiny little map, so more than 4 players and we're screwed. The springs bounce you too high, and rail is too powerful. And why is there a crumbling "X" in the center of the level? 5 out of 10

Ice Summit - Mikel
It's obvious he didn't even try. The rings spell "Ice Summit", nice touch. 1 out of 10

Chaotic Caves Zone - Furyhunter
A bit confusing, chaotic even! Not much to be said. 4 out of 10

Eggman's Lab - Mikel
Um, what? 0 out of 10

Acid Frost Zone - FuriousFox
Again, as it has been already said, symmetrical maps are losing their touch. That notwithstanding, it's a cozy little place. However, too many players and the rings become scarse. 8 out of 10

Four Seasons - Oogaland
Nice show, Oogaland. It's a great map. My only problems with it are the length of the corridors linking the seasons and, as Mystic has referred, there's no great incentive to move between rooms. 10 out of 10

Saturday Evening Zone - Oogaland
After Four Seasons, this basically kills the mood. Now don't get me wrong, this is a great map, but a bad SRB2 map. It's too small to have fun in with more than 3 or 4 players. Also, if Sonic falls in the goop while wearing a water shield, he has to wait until someone decides to kill him, otherwise he's stuck. Also, as Mystic pointed out, why no factory wacktory? 4 out of 10

Volcanic Highway Zone - ST218
It's ugly, it's poor, it's dark, it's impossible to play as Sonic and is the last one in the pack. 1 out of 10
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