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It's an excellent game on the DS.
It's a match 3 type of game where you are on a planet sending "Meteos" that fall on your planet into space or at an enemy planet depending on the game mode you're playing on. If you're fighting an enemy planet, making matches sends burnt Meteos to the enemy that later revert back to normal. The enemy also sends Meteos at you, so the fight turns into a tug o' war to see which planet gets annihilated first. The way a planet gets annihilated is when a column gets full and the player doesn't make it in time to deal with it or if the board is filled completely and the player is overwhelmed with dealing with it. There's an indistinguishable timer of how long a column is filled before annihilation, so you must deal with it fast. If you're skilled enough, you can actually deal with a filled board. The game's uniqueness comes in the form of a plethora of planets to play on (and game modes as well). Each planet has its own properties, with a couple of examples: a planet called Gravitas where the first ignition does nothing, but when a second ignition is made, Meteos are immediately sent off-screen, Hevendor, where ignitions send Meteos off-screen similar to Gravitas, but no secondary ignitions, and Bavoom, where if you use the speeder (the speeder makes the game faster)
stacks of Meteos will fall slower. Most planets won't be unlocked automatically, you must "fuse" them by using the Meteos you collected during games. There's many different types of Meteos such as H20 (Light Blue), Soil(Orange), Herb(Green), Wind(White), Iron(Purple),Zoo(Pink),Glow(Light Green), Dark(Dark Blue), Zap(Yellow), and two rare ones such as Time, and Soul. That's all for now.
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