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I just caught myself a solid phone and plan.

I have an unlocked Nokia Lumia 521, and I get unlimited calls and text for $24.88 a month. (that's without taxes) The caveat here is that I get no data plan, which personally suits me fine but won't for others.
The Lumia 521 runs Windows 8 which, while we may be inclined to laugh at, is actually pretty good on a phone. The layout is simple and while the app support isn't as large as Android and Apple, it comes with what I believe to be the essentials- apps like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon are there. Really, if you just want a phone it's a great choice. I got the phone for $76 (that's with taxes) new, and got my plan through Wal-Mart's Family Mobile cellular service.

The Lumia 521 currently runs Windows 8 and isn't slated to get 8.1 until later this year. Compared to my last phone, which was an android- that was always bogged down, slow, and froze a lot, I'm satisfied with the quality of my purchase especially given the price.

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