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Interesting. Maybe I'll save up money for that instead of an iPhone 6 Plus (if they are still even selling Xperia Plays).
They aren't. I wouldn't suggest it anyway, unless you're into rooting. I'd suggest the later Xperia's (Xperias?) from 2012 on. Some from 2013 on can use the Dualshock 3/4 as a controller for games. (The upcoming Z3's will even have PS4 Remote Play.)
I'n not saying the phone's bad, it's just outdated. KitKat's performance on this phone seems promising though... I haven't tried it yet because WiFi, camera, and Bluetooth don't work yet. If you do still want it though (maybe as a sole gaming device) they are cheap on eBay. I payed $153 for mine, Unlocked, and in good condition.
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