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For instance, the team gameplay was an interesting concept, but in practical reality never created any gameplay variety because the game automatically switched you to the correct option a lot of the time, and there was never any question of what the game wanted you to do. It was just pure rock paper scissors gameplay that never changed. The game never presented you with a new hazard and asked you how to approach it. It was the same, repetitive pattern all the way through.
Ah yes, my memory must've been a bit clouded. I remeber those automatic switches. Valid point that the game is doing too much of the lifting for the player. I wasn't too disappointed by the lack of challenge and linearity, it was a fun experience for me. I was a lot younger however when this game came out and didn't know that many titles I could compare it against.

Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
To add insult to injury, most of the characters have individual abilities that were never used. For instance, I remember messing with Espio alone and being able to use stealth and sneak around and assassinate enemies. The game had tons of gameplay variety coded, but completely unused by the game itself.

I remember these weird seemingly useless mechanics unfitting to the gameplay. I ended up not using them. So I completely forgot to factor them in while judging this game. It is always a pity to see these incomplete rudiments...

Maybe I should boot up this game again to get some reality check...

Originally Posted by Panda. View Post
Buying games is a waste of money. It's super important that I take the money to buy physically things like food or drinks, buying house and yeah, tickets to go somewhere. I never use money to buy things, that just takes money and make me able to play some computer game, and then in the end you got nothing but experienced something you won't need for life. So I've decided I only stick with free games around, no longer if it's money and drains my money that I can use for life things
While I have to agree with you, that you should be careful on how to spend your money, I think the value entertainment has to you is individual. I know there are people out there spending way too much on it.

But if you can afford a house and nourishment you don't have to skrimper too much in my opinion. It greatly depends on your income though how much buying a game hurts you...

Your general life advice doesn't really add to this topic, does it?

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