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I hope you are done, Burning-Fox, because I can't help but stress the point that your argument for defending your fan characters is silly and you shouldn't have to make it such a big deal just because others are criticising you for it. Technically I don't see MotorRoach flaming you for your fan characters and rather he is explaining to you how to designing a character at a better approach. Of course, if you take art and designing seriously, you'd probably understand his point of view.

You're only giving yourself attention and it's really unnecessary. If you like your fan characters so much, fine, but don't expect people to like them. It's hard enough already to take you seriously when you try to defend your fan characters.

Here is a squishy version of Metallia, parody of those sukusuku's from Touhou.

And another picture from this video game because I can't stop drawing Metallia, her hair is too fun to draw. The coloring process on this was different from my usual painting style so I had a lot of fun doing this picture.

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