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Originally Posted by The Rules
12. The administrators are charged with maintaining order on the board using their own discretion. They are granted authority to do whatever they feel is necessary to accomplish this. If you don't like it, don't come back...
This kind of crap is disruptive to forum activities, and honestly, I don't NEED a reason to ban you. This kind of arrogant "I know better than you how you should operate your forums, so do as I say" talk, frankly, pisses me off, and last I checked, as the owner of this forum, I technically don't need a REASON to ban you. I even conveniently wrote rule 12 to spell it out completely. Don't tell me how to operate this forum. That's my job, and if you feel so completely compelled to tell me otherwise, I can show you the door.

"Justice" is not a witch hunt. I prefer guilty people to get off without a scratch than innocent people charged wrongly, and I will not adjust my policy to get someone who happened to get off.

Deal with it. That's my final statement on the matter.
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