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You never had to provide reasoning for your vote. It is preferred but just putting a number is and always has been acceptable
No wait, I'm not talking about the justification, but about the mark of a level, its note on 10. This note on 10 shouldn't appear ...?

Also, I noticed that this new system only solve the problem of people overusing numbers as "pushers of note on 10", but it replaces that with a system where each map is compared with the others, the maps depend of the others. That means they're framed at the same level, and the statistics disapear, since the quality disapears as well, if denoted to the individual quality scale.
So, the quality is also replaced with the quality according to the others levels. We just won't have an accurate and independant mark for the reviews on an individual map ; and on the other hand, we'll try to get closer to "The best map wins the contest" goal, that's it ?~

I'm okay with simplifying the choice of the mark, like "deciding between giving a 7 or a 8", but still, we lose some accuracy.
It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try

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