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My whole collection of drawings can be viewed here. In order none the less from oldest to most recent, decending.

Most of the drawings are actually old themselves, and some incomplete. A grand majority of them are actually from a year or two ago. I don't update this too often.

Of course I'll mention a few I actually like;

This was a first for me with drawing Eggman, and his Eggmobile. I think I did this pretty well.

First time drawing my character on paper. Original character came from me and an updated design came from Zeshiro.

Several things come from this image actually. First, this was my first time drawing a fireball on paper. Secondly, the "FASTBALL SPECIAL" text comes from an inside joke shared between my D&D group, amongst other jokes. Also depicts my [newly drawn] character performing an action, another first!

No idea what made me decide to draw Sonic like this. After careful consideration, I came to say that I got the inspiration from SRB2's Sonic.

Drew this out of boredom, Also to try new ways of how to draw Sonic. I took into consideration that Sonic scales buildings so I thought, "Hell, why not?". Also added a sunset for no reason.

Drew in Pre-Calculis class, again, boredom striked. Decided to try and make a quick sketch of Sonic chasing after Eggman.
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