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That makes sense, re: emblem tokens. Sounds like a cool feature!

The more I've been replaying the game, the more I find Super Sonic to be more of a hindrance in actual gameplay anyway; I like getting the emeralds because I like the special stages now that I'm pretty good at getting them and finding enough tokens by Deep Sea. It's cool to have the extra jump power and speed, but I'm more likely to shoot myself off course and die than recover with the hover. I die a lot more in Arid Canyon when I go Super.

Speaking of toggles, I have this suggestion!

Toggle "Thokk" or "Homing" for Sonic's jump power, and "Spin Dash" or "Boost/Slide"

MotdSpork's Modern Sonic mod has made replaying the campaign so much fun, and it's had the byproduct effect of making me play better as other characters more. When I go back to classic Sonic, I'm able to more confidently make jumps and hit angles more precisely than I was with the character before playing Modern Sonic, because I've been playing it more.

The double jump and homing attack is a dream in navigation and recovery, and it makes the game so much easier to go non-stop and never lose momentum. It's such a great feeling, and those abilities are faster and more fun than Tails or Knuckles... I enjoy those characters and the bonus ones, but there's nothing more fun than Sonic with non-stop momentum.

Spin Dash (plus Drop Dash) or Boost + Stomp/Slide could be a toggle, as well?

Basically the classic spin-dash/thokk Sonic is harder than homing /boost... he's the one with the higher ceiling in terms of speed maybe but a bit of a higher floor too.

Homing/Boost is easy mode. You can actually pick it up and seem pretty good just by running and jumping almost mindlessly because the homing guides you along the path, and the double jump helps with recovery and mid-air jumping adjustment.

With "Thokk/Spin Dash" I think it would be cool to also add in the Mania Dropdash.

Basically I'm saying that the game would benefit from having Classic or Modern Sonic as an option from the beginning. But I don't know if it benefits from the distinction of two separate characters, or only as a mod, rather than one Sonic with a different ability loadout - easy or hard - thokk or homing.

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