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Emerald Tokens and Super Sonic

Once you have all 7 Emeralds, I think finding an emerald token should be an automatic 50 rings, rather than a continue, at least for Sonic. That's how the special stage rings worked in S3K, which remains the game that's most fun to replay with all emeralds.

I think it'd be cool if every character had a super form. I've read Mystic's post explaining why it's limited to Sonic, because Super Sonic is essentially a separate character, and if all Super forms work the same, there's no point in taking away the unique abilities already offered by Tails/Knuckles/Fang/Amy. In other words, once you've collected the emeralds as Sonic, there's no point in doing it again unless you want to (as I discovered after gaining them all as Knuckles).

So my suggestion is that each Super form also be given the power of one of the shields as a permanent secondary (jump+spin) ability, with only Super Sonic gaining hover.

Super Sonic = Elemental shield. (Jump+spin remains hover). It's just about the passive additives here; when he spindashes, there's a fire trail, so that's automatically cool and appropriate. Most importantly, the character most susceptible to drowning is able to breath underwater/in space. This is a departure from Super Sonic in the original titles, but then so is hovering. I think Super Sonic should feel as close to god/debug mode as possible. As it is now, I don't really play as Super Sonic more than maybe a few times in levels outside of Greenhill.

Super Tails = Wind shield (jump+spin is the boost jump like the shield)

Super Knuckles = Magnet shield (jump+spin is homing attack like the shield)

Super Amy = Elemental shield (jump+spin is a downward blast like the shield)

Super Fang = Double-shield (jump+spin stops momentum mid-jump like the shield)

Super Metal = Nuclear shield (jump+spin blasts the screen like the shield)

What about shield boxes?

Bopping a shield box means that, once you run out of rings and are depowered, you will have that shield in your regular form.

If the shield's passive abilities are additive to your super form, you gain that power. So for example, Super Knuckles bounces on an elemental shield, he'll now also be able to breath underwater and flames will trail his dash, as rings also fly to him and he's able to target enemies.

Isn't that too overpowered? Yes. That's the point! Replaying a complete file with all emeralds should open up the option to zip through in "god/debug" mode. The player has earned it!

And again, it's optional. If you don't want to play as Super, simply don't jump+spin without a shield and don't activate it!

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